Swivel Seals for Swivel Casters


  • Seals are recommended for applications where casters and equipment are exposed to regular washings such as hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, meat packaging plants, laundries, bakeries and more. They keep dirt and contaminates out of the swivel raceway and lubricant in. Colson polyurethane DirtBan seals help casters run smoother and last longer with very little drag on the swivel action. They offer a high resistance to grease, oils, chemicals, detergents and water. To order on caster specify "SEAL". To field install, simply remove the caster wheel and place seals in the upper and lower raceways. No special tools needed. Available on 2 and 4 Series casters. To order see model numbers below.
  • 2 Series Swivel, 52020.90
  • 4 Series Upper Raceway, 51000.75
  • 4 Series Lower Raceway, 51001.76


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