Model M-6 with standard phenolic wheels and optional side straps moving a safe.

ROL-A-LIFT Features


Heavy duty construction with weight capacities ranging from 1 ton to 6 tons per pair.

7 models to accommodate most load weights and sizes.

Optional side straps secure loads for stable moving.

Swivel casters permit easy positioning and movement in any direction.

Large wheels allow smooth movement over bumps and cracks of factory floors.

Adjustable forks with mounting pegs allow for positioning of forks to accommodate different width loads.

Hand operated hydraulic jack offers easy lifting and controlled lowering of loads.




ROL-A-LIFT Application Information

(Some items may be Optional)

Wide Models: Used for top heavy, unbalanced, or wide loads.

Belt Tightener Device: Recommended for computers and other fragile load or where any load is being moved on steep ramps.

Two - 12' Belts: For narrow loads up to 30" wide.

One - 16' Underside Belt: For wide and narrow loads.

Adjustable Top Clamps: For handling narrow glass crates or other narrow loads. On high and narrow loads care must be taken so crate does not cause Rol - A - Lift to tip over.

Rol - A - Lift must be in upright position with top pressure plates against the load and casters level on the floor. Never lift a load higher than necessary to clear floor or ramp.
Wheel Choice Suggestions
Phenolic: Protect concrete and wood floors.

Polyurethane Casters: Protect all floor surfaces, also gives more shock protection to product.

4 - Position Locks: Used for long hauls and glass rack application.

Rol-A-Lift Models

M-2 & M-2W
Model M-2 & M-2W
2000 lbs.
Lift 5 1/8"
5" x 2" wheels
M-4 & M-4W
Model M-4 & M-4W

4000 lb. capacity
Lift 12"
6" x 2" wheels

M-4-6 & M-4-6W
Model M-4-6 & M-4-6W

4000 lb. capacity to 12" lift
6000 lb. capacity to 6" lift
6" x 2" wheels

M-6 & M-6W
Model M-6 & M-6W

6000 lb. capacity
6" lift
6" x 2" wheels
Top Clamps

M-8 & M-8W
Model M-8 & M-8W

8000 lb. capacity
6" lift
8" x 2 1/2" wheels

M-10 & M-10W
Model M-10 & M-10W

10000 lb. capacity
6" lift
8" x 2 1/2" wheels

M-12 & M-12W
Model M-12 & M-12W

12000 lb. capacity
6" lift
8" x 2 1/2" wheels



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