Reduce Freight Claims & Trailer Damages from Runaway Pallet Jacks




Model #PJS101

Made from heavy duty rubber. Simple one-piece construction with a molded in handle, allows for easy use and storage.
The Pallet Jack Stop ™ is the only truck tool designed to hold any pallet jack in place in a moving truck or trailer. It can
help avoid costly cargo or trailer damage that a runaway pallet jack can cause.

The Pallet Jack Stop ™ is engineered and built for the tough duty cycle inside a truck trailer. It works equally well wherever
you choose to place it — front, rear, middle, left or right. Great for LTL’s and delivery, the Pallet Jack Stop ™ will not slip.
The cost savings and increased efficiency that result from using the Pallet Jack Stop ™, will improve the bottom line for all
trucking companies. The larger the fleet, the greater the savings.



Easy As 1-2-3


Weight: 3.5lbs
Width: 11.75"
Height: 2"
Length: 14"

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