The Flat Free Advantage

Using proprietary polyurethane chemical formulations Amerityre developed a high density, closed cell foam material that is superior in low speed foam tire (open cell) and light weight tire fill applications. Testing has shown polyurethane foam material to be superior to competitive materials in the following areas:

  • High abrasion resistance = longer life
  • True closed cell technology = no water absorption
  • High density material = excellent load carrying capability
  • UV and ozone resistant = will not break down in sun and weather

Better material always makes a better product.
Don't be fooled by retail look alikes.

Flat Free Tire Only

LOW SPEED TIRES;  Polyurethane foam technology produces a flat free permanent solution for down time caused by flat tires. The range of applications include:

Medical Mobility (wheel chairs)
Golf & Industrial Carts
Lawn & Garden Applications
Industrial Applications 


Because the density of material is maintained at a high level, these tires exhibit low rolling resistance which means less effort is required to make them roll, making any job easier. Materials are UV and ozone resistant resulting in longer life in the field. The product is completely inert and environmentally safe.

Note: The part #'s below are for tire only. If you require a rim with tire mounted, please call customer service.

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Tire Only


Load Rating

Tire Weight
Bead Width
Tread Rim Type Part Number
2.80x2.50-4 270  Black 2.1 1.75 Zig Zag Fits 2-pc split rim 4228254.00
4.10x3.50-4 300 Black 3.65 2.5 Zig Zag Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4241354.00
Fits 2-pc split rim 4241354.01
8x3.00-4 250 Black 2.0 2.5 Smooth Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4283004.10
Fits 2-pc split rim 4283004.11
9x3.50-4 250 Black 2.8 2.5 Smooth Fits 2-pc split rim 4293504.10
2.5 Turf 4293504.11
11x4.00-5 340 Black 4.5 3.0 Ribbed Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4211405.30
Smooth 4211405.10
4.10x3.50-6 450 Black 7.2 3.25 Zig Zag Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4241356.00
Fits 2-pc split rim 4241356.01
13x5.00-6 285 Black 7.3 3.25 Turf Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4213506.20
Smooth 4213506.10
13x6.50-6 305 Black 9.8 4.5 Smooth Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4213656.10
15x6.00-6 360 Black 13.5 4.5 Turf Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4215606.20
16x6.50-8 380 Black 14.6 5.375 Turf Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4216658.20
4.80/4.00-8 500 Black 5.2 2.5 WBRibbed  Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4248408.31
5.6 Knobby 4248408.41
1000 6.8 WBRibbed 4248408.30
7.2 Knobby 4248408.40
18x8.50-12 600 Black 23.7 8.75  Ribbed Fits 1-pc drop center rim  4285012.30
23.5 Turf Fits 1-pc drop center rim 4285012.20

Environmental Advantage

The environmental drawbacks of conventional rubber tires extend through their entire life cycle from manufacture through use to disposal.  This is due in part to the fact that rubber and many other plastic materials are mixtures of materials that are not completely polymerized.  That is, the constituent chemicals have not been properly balanced to ensure the complete chemical reaction that is necessary to create a uniform monolithic polymeric material.

At least four chemicals used in rubber are known carcinogens, including 1,3-butadiene, chloroprene, sulfuric acid and benzene,1 according to the Report on Carcinogens, 9th Edition.

In use, and when discarded, rubber-based tires break down through exposure to ozone, abrasion, heat, humidity and other factors. As they break down, they leach chemicals into the environment. They also are highly flammable. When tires are discarded, plasticizers used in their manufacture begin a leaching process that creates pools of flammable liquids. If ignited, these used tire dumps have been known to burn for weeks.

In contrast, our polyurethane processes result in a product that has little tendency to break down, leach or burn. Finished polyurethane is devoid of carcinogens. In fact, baby pacifiers are made from polyurethane. Unlike rubber, polyurethane is ozone- and ultraviolet light-resistant.

Also unlike rubber tires, polyurethane tires can be disposed of in municipal landfills with no adverse impact. In addition, these technologies create environmentally safe recycling options. These include mechanical recycling, such as regrinding, compression molding, and adhesive pressing; energy recovery; and advanced chemical recycling. Reground polyurethane can be used as a filler in other products, such as parks and school playgrounds, and as an aerator in turf and lawn management.

1 "Report on Carcinogens," 9th Edition, National Toxicology Program, National Insitute of Environmental Health Sciences

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