Load-Lock Anchors and containment accessories

Simple single handed use

Load-Lock Anchors

Do you experience odd size and odd shaped loads during hand truck deliveries? House Of Wheels Inc., a leading distributor of fine material handling products, introduces the addition of Load-Lock Anchors and containment product accessories for your material handling needs. Add a couple of load lock anchors to your hand truck fleet to provide a convenient secure method to strap any load to the hand trucks. Don’t want loads shifting during deliveries? Load Lock Anchors are the perfect addition to your Fleet Truck, Warehouse racking, Trailers, Hand Trucks, Material handling products and much more! The possibilities are truly endless and this simple device and other accessories will pay for themselves many times over. Use to secure your materials during shipping and storage. Increase safety and reduce damage caused by loss of control or dropped loads. A complete line of complimentary accessories available to fit any application. Learn more and order some today!

Load-Lock Anchor

E-strap Anchor


-3000lbs break strength, 1000lbs working load

-Low profile to facilitate mounting virtually anywhere

-Quick and easy installation

-Endless possibilities

Endless Options




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