Foot Operated Swivel Locks


  • No more back strain from bending down to activate a swivel lock. Here’s how it works. When the foot pedal is in the "up" position, a stainless steel spring forces a pin into one of four slots on the swivel fork. This effectively locks the swivel in one of four positions at 90° intervals. To disengage the lock, simply press down on the foot pedal for free swiveling action. It’s that easy! With this innovative new product, you can quickly and easily convert swivel casters to rigid casters for straight-line tracking. When you need greater maneuverability, you can quickly convert from the rigid position back to full swivel. Quick. Easy. Less stress and strain. The Colson Ergonomic Advantage™.
Mounting Code
Field Install Model Number
4 Series Swivel Top Plate (1-1/2" & 2 Tread Width) MTG81 5213.66
4 Series IMPAK Kingpinless Swivel Top Plate MTG81 5212.66
4 Series Stainless Steel Swivel Top Plate MTG81 5213.67

* #1 Top Plate Required On All Models.

NOTE: Foot Activated Swivel Lock is field installable but requires notches in the caster fork yoke base at 90° intervals.


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