Common Caster Combinations

Caster combination for trucks

In building, repairing and refurbishing mobile equipment, various effective caster combinations may be used. Several types of mountings are illustrated below.

Three Swivel
three swivel truck caster For barrel dollies and small portable machines. Affords excellent maneuverability. Be sure to select casters designed to take the weight load on three casters rather than the usual four.
Two Rigid, Two Swivel
Two Rigid, Two Swivel truck
            caster Most practical and inexpensive arrangement for straight and/or long distances. Can be used for heavy or medium loads, depending upon the weight capacity of the casters selected.
Tilt Mounting
tilt mounting truck caster A tilt mounting is the most economical, but should be limited to lighter loads. The tilt is best when the load wheels are 1/8" taller than the balance wheels. Not recommended for use on ramps.
Diamond Mounting
diamond mounting truck caster Two rigid and two swivel casters, but the diamond shaped mounting greatly increases maneuverability. This mounting is not recommended for ramps.
Four Swivel
four swivel truck caster Where a side motion is frequently needed, the four swivel arrangement is excellent. If the casters are equipped with swivel locks, this mounting is also practical for long straight travel as well as use on ramps. A most versatile arrangement.
Four Swivel, Two Rigid
four swivel, two rigid truck
            caster This is a level mounting design for heavy loads and long trucks. The two rigid casters help to distribute and reduce the load on the swivel units and thereby maintain good maneuverability and easy steering.


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